Jingle Bells Guitar tab

Jingle Bells Guitar Tab

It’s that time of year and this is is a really easy song for learning the guitar. I have added the score and the tab for you to see both. This is a good song to practice your hand positioning. Make sure that you play the notes with the correct fingers. The F and C notes are played with your first finger and the D and G notes are played with your third finger.

Here are the notes F C D G  for you to look at with the numbers referring to your finger positions.

E is played using the open E string.

Here is the tab below. If you are unsure how to read guitar tab. The very first line represents your top E string and the bottom line is you Lower E. Think of the lines as your guitar strings and the numbers are what fret to put your finger on.


jingle bells guitar tab

Enjoy playing it!

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