What do I need for my first guitar lesson?

Your first guitar lesson is booked, now what do you need to take with you?

Congratulations on booking your first guitar lesson, hopefully this is the start of an incredible journey with music!

Before you begin your lesson you might want to consider a few things before you start.

1. A guitar

It seems obvious, but most people do not own a guitar before they start. Some people like to try out a guitar before committing to buy one. Borrowing a friends guitar is another good way of starting out. Then if you connect with the instrument and you want to progress further, you can save up and buy exactly hat you want. If you are learning on an electric guitar make sure you bring along your lead to plug in to some amplification. Ask you teacher if you need to bring your amp or if you could borrow one of theirs.

2. Guitar pick

Not essential, but a good thing to bring along for your first lesson. Getting used to playing with a pick from the start is a really good idea

3. Guitar bag

It’s a good idea to keep your guitar nice and protected in a bag, especially if you are travelling to your guitar teach on public transport or in a car. Plus guitar bags have  handy pocket to store all of your hand outs fro your teacher.

4. Folder

This is really useful to store all of your pieces of paper and hand outs from your guitar teacher. If you keep all of your belongings together, they won’t get lost!

There’s nothing much else you need to bring other that an open mind and a willingness to learn and persevere. If you have a few ideas about your favourite songs, that is also helpful. You may as well learn and enjoy the music that you play.

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